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Catering Equipment & Trade Furnishings


The Auction Houses, Station Rd, Stokesley, Middlesbrough, TS9 7AB.

Date / Time

Wednesday 21st October 2020, 11:00

Viewing Information

On morning of sale from 9am.

Videos Photographs

Will Offer for Sale at The Auction Houses, Station Road, Stokesley, Middlesbrough, TS9 7AB.



Sale Commences 11:00am

Viewing on Morning of Sale from 9:00am

Table Top Equipment:  Hand Cleaning Wipes, Aluminium Flats, Aluminium Roasting Dishes, Aluminium Single Handled Pans, Cake Moulds, Pyrex Ware, Stainless Steel Teapots, Insulated Flasks, Drain Unblocker, Digital Scales, Soup Urn, New Tork Hand Towel Dispensers, Cling Film Dispensers, Stainless Steel Twin Handled Pans, Stainless Steel Roasting Dishes, Synthetic Chopping Boards, Single Handled Frying Pans Sizes 8” to 14”, Microwaves, Lincat 12” Griddle, Twin Basket Deep Fat Fryer, Single Basket Deep Fat Fryer, Buffalo 10” Contact Grill, Dualite 6-Slice Toaster, Chef’s Dial Scales, Conical Strainers, Stainless Steel Lids, Single Handled Woks, Buffalo Stainless Steel Microwaves, Glass Washer Trays, Infrared Snack Grill, Kenwood Food Processor, Sisson 12” Stainless Steel Sink, 2x Insect Killers, Drying Racks, Stainless Steel Cased Conveyor Toaster, 2x Heavy Duty Veg Preps, 20x Aluminium Table Top Ingredients Bins with Lids and Scoops, Prodis 18” Table Top Warming Display, Swan Hot Water Boiler, 3x Insulated Coffee Vessels, Bag Sealer, Parry Table Top 4-Pot Wet Well Bain Marie, Table Top 4-Ring Hob, Lincat Table Top 2-Ring Hob, Stainless Steel Inline Hot Water Boiler, Hot Water Boiler.

Refrigeration:  Jagermeister Table Top Fridge, Polar Table Top 20” Display, Under Counter Glass Doored Bottle Fridge, Foster Ecopro G2 Stainless Steel Cased Single Doored Fridge, Foster Stainless Steel Cased 6’ Tall Double Doored Freezer, Williams 8’ Refrigerated Preparation Counter, Williams 5’ Stainless Steel Preparation Counter, 3’ Small Refrigerated Serve-Over Counter, Gram 6’ Tall Stainless Steel Cased Single Doored Blast Freezer, Baumatic 5’6” Tall Single Glass Doored Wine Bottle Fridge, True 7’ Tall Stainless Steel Cased Single Doored Fridge, Lec Stainless Steel Cased Ice Maker, Foster 6’ Tall Floor Standing Stainless Steel Ice Maker, White Cased Fridge Freezers, 6’ Mobile Refrigerated Counter, 4’ Bottle Dump, Norpe 6’ Single Doored Bottle Cooler, Foster 7’ Tall Stainless Steel Cased Single Doored Freezer, True 7’ Tall Stainless Steel Cased Single Doored Fridge, Black Cased Narrow Bottle Chiller, Polar Table Top Ice Maker, 6’ Foster White Cased Chest Freezer, 4’ Wide x 5’ Tall Open Dairy Display, 4’ Wide Ice Cream Freezer.

Kitchen Equipment:  Floor Standing Ingredients Bin, 4’ Stainless Steel Mobile Warming Cupboard, Flavasava Floor Standing Electric Ham Boiler, Gas Table Top 2-Ring Hob, Cougar 24” Twin Control Table Top Electric Griddle, Mealstream EC401 Oven, 2x Blueseal Turbo Fan Ovens, Floor Standing Gas-Fired Single Basket Deep Fat Fryer, Lincat Floor Standing Twin Basket Electric Fryer, Zanussi Gas-Fired 4-Burner Range, Falcon 350 Twin Basket Electric Deep Fat Fryer, LPG Stainless Steel Cased Victor 6’ Mobile Warming Cabinet, Blueseal Natural Gas 6-Burner Range, Blueseal LPG 6-Burner Range, 6’ 240v Electric Mobile Bain Marie, Lincat 4-Ring Hob, 2x Ceramic Hobs and Ovens, Holac Floor Standing Stainless Steel Cased Horizontal Semi-Automatic Meat / Joint Slicer, 3’ Chopping Block on Aluminium Stand, Floor Standing 240v Flour Grinder, Floor Standing Bun Divider Moulder, Hand-Operated Horizontal Sausage Filler, 4x 4’ Preparation Tables, 5x 6’ Preparation Table, 4x 3’ Preparation Tables, 6’ Preparation Table with Drawer, 3x 5’ Preparation Table, 2x Low 24” Machine Tables, 2x 20” Square Pan Racks, 2x 7’ Preparation Tables, 3x Yellow Plastic Ingredients Bins, 2x 4’ Ingredient Bins Trolleys.

Crockery and Glassware:  12” White Plates, Espresso Cups and Saucers, Athena Main Plates, Soup Bowls, Churchill, Noritake, Knickerbocker Glories, Coffee Mugs, Steelite 14” Rectangular White Trays, Churchill Rectangular White Trays, Simply White Steak Ovals, Ikea Blue 12” Plates, Ikea Side Plates, Large Size Cups and Saucers, Paris Goblets, White Teapots.

Furniture and Front of House:  Cutlery, Glass Ware, Wooden Cheese Plates, Wooden Steak Plates, Optics, Glass Bowls, Stainless Steel Ovals and Trays, 2x Bench Mounted Bottle Openers, Wine Coolers, Salad Bowls, Fruit Bowls, Glass Jugs, Pint Nonics Straight and Shaped, Ash Trays, Waiter’s Trays, Owl Ornaments, Stainless Steel Gravy Jugs, Sharp A203 Electronic Cash Register, Touch Screen Till, 3x Chaffing Sets, Lavazza Self-Serve Coffee Machine, Floor Standing Metal Wine Rack, Filter Coffee Maker, Classeq ECO1 Stainless Steel Cased Glass Washer, 4x 6’ Folding Legged Wooden Topped Tables, Set of 9x Beech Framed Grey Upholstered Restaurant Chairs, ‘Butcher’s Topside’ Picture, Set of 11x Grey Framed Blue Seated Bistro Chairs, 2x 6’ Tall Standard Lamps, Set of 10x Red Painted Blue Seated Restaurant Chairs, 5x White and Black Male Torso Mannequins, 10x Black Unused Heavy Table Bases, 7x Baby High Chairs, Beech 4’ Diameter Table, Grey Contemporary Style 3’ Square Table, 6’ Farmhouse Style Dining Table, 5x 3’ Low Oak Coffee Tables, 10x New 3’ Black Framed Mirrors, 4x Brown Leather 2-Seater Settees, Set of 9x 30” Square White Topped Black Legged Bistro Tables, Approximately 80x Child’s Polymoulded Stacking Chairs, 60x Black and Blue Polymoulded Stacking Chairs, 23x Brown Leatherette High Backed Restaurant Chairs, Set of 16x Dark Stained Moulded Contemporary-Style Bistro Chairs, 6x 4’ and 2’ Dark Stained Top Bistro Tables, Fairy Lights, Coat Hangers, Trays, 17x Bright Green Painted Upholstered Bistro Chairs, Vax Carpet Cleaner, Pine TV Stand, 7x Grey Folding Chairs, Menu Blackboards, 2x Medieval-Style Shields with Swords, Quantity of Frameless Pictures and Glazed Pictures.

Party Stock and Consumables:  (To be Sold by the Pallet) Gift Cards, Party Bags, 3x Boxes of New Curtains and Blinds, German Hats, Sombreros, Cowboy Hats, French Hats, Madonna Busts, Crepe Streamers, Crepe Clusters, European Flags, Boxes of Tinsel, Statue of Liberty Motifs, CND Badges, Rabbit in Basket Plaques.

Miscellaneous:  New Kitchen Clothing including Blue and White Tops and Trousers, Snooker and Pool Balls and Cues, 4x Cellar Beer Barrel Incline Racks, 4x Stainless Steel Topped Mobile Checkout Counters, 2-Piece Drink and Snack Vending Machine, White Painted Tubular Gazebo, GMP 4’ Rotary Iron, Microseal Sealer, Mitsubishi Flat Bed 240v Sewing Machine, 8x Supermarket-Style Stock Trolleys.

Catering Trailer:  15’, Twin Axle, 4-Wheel, Fully Fitted Catering Trailer.


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